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Encouraging, patient and challenging, some of the best words to describe Joe Bach.  These are also some of the traits that make Joe a good guy, making him a great trainer!

I’ve been working out with Joe for the last 4 or 5 months and it never gets old. He’s always bringing something new to the table be it, different exercises, food tips or stretching technique. Joe brings the full range of healthy living expertise the way a trainer should. Joe keeps up with you even on days you’re not working out, always making sure you’re feeling OK and keeping up with healthy habits. Beyond all of that Joe has increased my strength and conditioning considerably, and at 37 years old the gains keep coming. Working with Joe and the PIT Fitness philosophy is a no brainer. No more excuses, get fit, get healthy,get happy.

-Ahman M., Gardena, CA, 2014


Joe Bach is a fantastic trainer. I found him at Culver Studios and then once I moved to a different lot I continued to work out with him on the east side. He is so nice and is always in an upbeat mood. He really goes out of his way to make the times and days you need work, and he will come to you. He always has something new up his sleeve. He pushes me hard athletically and conditioning-wise. He’s also not a crazy fanatic about working out or eating a certain way– he’s very laid back. He’s great and has very reasonable prices. If you are looking for a personal trainer, look no further.

-Laura M., Los Angeles, CA, 2014