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Yoke Workout

It’s not a part of an egg, but rather a bad-ass, unconventional and functional piece of training equipment.  It’s a yoke.   Never heard of it?  You’re not alone.   Check out the multitude of lifts you can perform on this transforming piece of metal.  Yoke workouts are an incredible functional training tool.     […]

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Today’s PIT Workout

  4 rounds of: Incline pushups 100-yard farmer carries with 45-pound barbell plates Bear crawls with Fat Gripz added to the handles 100-yard sprint with the body bag   We refueled after this workout with Stronger Faster Healthier Recovery while stretching and with a dinner consisting of 8 ounces of wild caught Atlantic salmon baked […]

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Hill Workout At The Beach

Bed head and all, we did a sick workout at the beach this morning. Kettlebells and hill sprints. Try it for yourself. We did the following using two kettlebells at a time: 20 bent-over rows 20 thrusters 20 kettlebell swings 3 hill sprints 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push […]

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When life gives you a workout tool don’t be a fool

Alley Junk Workout, PIT Fitness

Some alley junk became PIT Fitness treasure yesterday.  We turned some scrap into a workout and got chased by the ice cream man. The pipe weighed about 70 pounds.  We did 100-yard overhead carries,  push presses, thrusters, bent-over rows and upright rows. What’s lying around your house, gym or place of work that you can […]

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