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Exercise of The Week – Brute Force Sandbag Push Press

  This exercise will help you develop upper body strength and will build explosive power. I like using my Brute Force Sandbag for this exercise but if you don’t have access to a sandbag you can always use dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell to perform this exercise.   First, stand straight up holding your sandbag […]

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NFL Players Use MMA Training to Take It to An Even Higher Level

It’s pretty powerful to read about NFL players who talk about something that takes them and their training to the next level.  That something is mixed martial arts (MMA) training.  Right here in Los Angeles some of the NFL’s elite (Jared Allen, Dashon Goldson) are elevating their physical abilities even higher through MMA training. Check […]

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A Must Exercise – Farmer Carries!

  This is one exercise that I feel must be placed in everyone’s workout routine, the Farmer Carry. It is a key and must-do full body exercise. It engages the legs, shoulders, traps, forearm flexors, lower back and entire core. Also, in addition to these key body parts, it also recruits a host of stabilizing […]

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Rogue Fitness Dog Bone Training

We got a new tool at The Pit: the Rogue Fitness Dog Bone. With a 3″ center and even fatter 5″ round ends, the Dog Bone challenges and builds your grip strength.  We will be doing pullups, farmer carries, sled pulls and many other exercises with this innovative fitness tool from Rogue Fitness.  Ohio born […]

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Unconventional Training for the Basketball Athlete

Trent was quite the baller in his day. Here is an excerpt from a very cool article he wrote on training to excel on the basketball court (seventh grade? Dang) : “By the seventh grade I could grab the rim. I remember the first time was during lunch break and the whole basketball team was […]

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Gain More Power With Hill Sprints

Look for hill sprints to increase your heart rate and raise your metabolism when you add them to your training routine. Trust me they are hard but very effective. I go to several different hills close by once a week and do as many as I can. When doing them I like to bring a […]

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Unconventional Sandbag Bear Workout

Watch Trent perform Sandbag Bear Hug Squats, Sandbag Bear Crawls and Sandbag Bent-over Rows with a 135-pound Digital Brute Force Strongman Sandbag. This workout blasts your core, legs, hips, glutes, back, abs and biceps.  Full body.  The bear crawls are no joke as you pull the weight of a small human forward between your legs […]

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Keg Swings

Elias’s last workout before he left to return to college and his crew team incorporated a few sets of keg swings.  Like kettlebell swings, keg swings strengthen your glutes, abs, core, hips and hamstrings.  The beer in the keg sloshes around as you move the weight and therefore activates more of your stabilizing muscles and […]

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Tire Throws

We send Elias off to Connecticut for the new semester with an awesome unconventional variety pack of workouts.  Check out this clip of a tire toss Elias has with Trent. Throwing a tire into the air as hard and high as you can recruits massive amounts of muscle and demands exertion.  This functional movement gets […]

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Brute Force Sandbag PIT Workout

At The Pit we train a lot with sandbags and Brute Force is the sandbag of choice. Here is one of many of our sandbag training workouts. If you’re not using them in your training don’t be left behind order one and start getting results. Sandbag Front Squats 12 to 15 reps Sandbag Bent-Over Rows […]

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