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Why should you breathe deeply during stretching or yoga?

As you breathe in, the diaphragm presses downward on the internal organs and their associated blood vessels, squeezing the blood out of them. As you exhale, the abdomen, its organs and muscles, and their blood vessels flood with new blood. This rhythmic contraction and expansion of the abdominal blood vessels is partially responsible for the […]

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Stretching should be an enjoyable and beneficial part of your daily routine.  It’s amazing how our entire body is connected.  Your low back might be feeling sore and it may be related to tension in your hamstrings. Stretching makes my mind feel more clear as tension in my body is released.  Yoga is a phenomenal […]

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Benefits Of Stretching

Stretching regularly will help you – relax both physically and mentally – increase the flexibility of your muscles and tendons – increase range of motion – improve your muscle tone – develop cardio endurance – raise your fatigue threshold – prevent injuries and pain in both the muscles and joints Make sure that before and […]

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