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Today’s PIT Workout: Sandbags

  Today’s workout: tools you need – sandbag and box or something that you can step up on. Sandbag bent-over rows 10-15 reps 10 box jumps Sandbag squat with over head press 10-15 reps 20 box step ups (10 each leg) Sandbag squat with up right row 10-15 reps 20 side step ups (10 each […]

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Exercise of The Week – Brute Force Sandbag Push Press

  This exercise will help you develop upper body strength and will build explosive power. I like using my Brute Force Sandbag for this exercise but if you don’t have access to a sandbag you can always use dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell to perform this exercise.   First, stand straight up holding your sandbag […]

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Kettlebell & Sandbag Combo Workout

Perform 4 rounds of Kettlebell Shoulder Presses, Kettlebell Upright Rows, Sandbag Front Squats, Sandbag Stiff Legs and Standing Long Jumps. This workout gets your shoulders, triceps, core, abs, butt, quads, hamstrings, calves, low back and hips.  Pretty full-body. Check out the video below.  It’s easy to do in your gym, garage or backyard.  

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Unconventional Sandbag Bear Workout

Watch Trent perform Sandbag Bear Hug Squats, Sandbag Bear Crawls and Sandbag Bent-over Rows with a 135-pound Digital Brute Force Strongman Sandbag. This workout blasts your core, legs, hips, glutes, back, abs and biceps.  Full body.  The bear crawls are no joke as you pull the weight of a small human forward between your legs […]

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Saturday Throwdown PIT Workout

Warm Up – 300 meter run 10 minutes dynamic stretching, 5 minute foam roll Workout: Full body Sandbag front squats – 20 reps Atlas Stone Clean / Press – 15 reps Plank to Push ups – 20 reps Fat Rope rows – 20 reps Tire over head alley walks 300 meter run * 5 rounds

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Brute Force Sandbag PIT Workout

At The Pit we train a lot with sandbags and Brute Force is the sandbag of choice. Here is one of many of our sandbag training workouts. If you’re not using them in your training don’t be left behind order one and start getting results. Sandbag Front Squats 12 to 15 reps Sandbag Bent-Over Rows […]

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Today’s PIT Workout

Inflicted a fun surface wound.  Didn’t notice it until complete.  A good reminder of work done. 8 rounds of: 30 seconds on the concept2 rower 10 kettlebell swings. 80 lbs 10 sandbag thrusters. 60 lbs  

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