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Burpin’ up Rope

Want an amazing 10 minute workout? Do 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees, 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees,15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees. Rest 1 minute between each set. Perform 4 sets. Bam. Done. Buy a rope if you have a back yard or garage. Check out the video here:

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Groin Pull

Oh snap.  You pulled your groin. A buddy of mine is battling a groin pull. As hard as it is, you need to rest your groin.  That’s the only way it will heal. I pulled both my hammies last year and was fortunate enough that my gym, 220 Fitness in Santa Monica, had Krankcycle.  Some […]

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Rope and a minute?

If you have 50 feet of rope and one minute, this post is for you.  Go to a hardware store and inexpensively purchase an amazing fitness tool for your home.  Your gym likely has a rope lying around, but you’ve never seen what to do with it.  Do four rounds of rope slams and you’ll […]

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