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Top Fitness Apps Gives PIT Fitness a Rave Review

  Topfitnessapps.com just gave the PIT Fitness app a great review. Check out the review and other great fitness app recommendations here:http://www.topfitnessapps.com/paid-apps/favorite-app-friday-pit-fitness/  

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The PIT Fitness App Demo Video

I know a lot of our friends could use some gettin’ fit at home and/or new ideas at the gym.  We created a workout app that allows you to. Check out the demo video HERE      

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The Free Version of the PIT Fitness App

  Love fitness but still buying that latte rather than our app?  Good news. You can now get fit at home for free!  Download the totally free version of the PIT Fitness app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pit-fitness-lite/id673920479?mt=8 PIT Fitness is full-body interval training that blasts your metabolism and builds functional strength via the only iPhone app that […]

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Burpin’ up Rope

Want an amazing 10 minute workout? Do 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees, 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees,15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees. Rest 1 minute between each set. Perform 4 sets. Bam. Done. Buy a rope if you have a back yard or garage. Check out the video here:

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Burpees = Fat Loss

Add burpees to your workout for a fat fighting move that gets your heart pumping. You can burn twice as many calories by adding burpees to your workouts instead of spending wasted time on a treadmill. Here are the steps to perform the perfect burpee.  Check out the video below to help make sense of […]

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Interval Training Is More Effective (Scientifically Proven)

A new Men’s Health article, below, validates our style of training here at PIT Fitness. Interval training gets you more fit. For our new readers and our old, a reminder that PIT is an acronym for Performance Interval Training. You really can feel your body revved up for hours after performing interval training. Enjoy the […]

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