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The Free Version of the PIT Fitness App

  Love fitness but still buying that latte rather than our app?  Good news. You can now get fit at home for free!  Download the totally free version of the PIT Fitness app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pit-fitness-lite/id673920479?mt=8 PIT Fitness is full-body interval training that blasts your metabolism and builds functional strength via the only iPhone app that […]

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Burpin’ up Rope

Want an amazing 10 minute workout? Do 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees, 15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees,15 seconds of rope slams, 5 burpees. Rest 1 minute between each set. Perform 4 sets. Bam. Done. Buy a rope if you have a back yard or garage. Check out the video here:

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Burpees = Fat Loss

Add burpees to your workout for a fat fighting move that gets your heart pumping. You can burn twice as many calories by adding burpees to your workouts instead of spending wasted time on a treadmill. Here are the steps to perform the perfect burpee.  Check out the video below to help make sense of […]

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Rope Pull Throughs

Patrick Scouler- sailor, husband, life-securer, New York Giants booster, green smoothie converter, rope puller. Patrick has truly taken his fitness and nutrition to another level in the past few months. It’s inspiring and fun to watch. Check out Patrick pulling 100 feet of rope through our new rig. I caught him midway through the set- […]

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Our Sunday Sanctity: Workouts!

Beautiful outdoor workouts provide Sunday meaning to our weeks. Trent, Nicole, Bonnie and Joe went up to Baldwin Hills and worked out with the Rogue Fitness prowler, climbed some stairs and inched our way over walls. Check out these ladies (and Trent) engaging in fun and innovative workouts. Join us on an upcoming Sunday and […]

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Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz increase the diameter of the handles of dumbbells and barbells. They are rubber ‘inserts’ that wrap around the handle of dumbbells and barbells. Why use them? Training with a thicker piece of equipment that’s harder to grip increases muscle fiber activation in hands, forearms, biceps and triceps. Your body is programmed to stay […]

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Rogue Fitness Sled Sunday Fun Day Workout

We took the Rogue Fitness sled to a baseball field in Culver City and drank in some refreshing fitness for our Sunday fun day workout. There are all sorts of cool exercises you can do with the sled and there is nothing better than working out in the great outdoors. Check out a few of […]

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Hill Workout At The Beach

Bed head and all, we did a sick workout at the beach this morning. Kettlebells and hill sprints. Try it for yourself. We did the following using two kettlebells at a time: 20 bent-over rows 20 thrusters 20 kettlebell swings 3 hill sprints 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push […]

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Saturday Throwdown Workout

This is a great workout for any level and will help build full body explosive power. Good luck and let us know how you feel after conquering it. 900 meter run 30 pull ups 40 burpees 50 kettlebell swings 60 kettlebell push press 100 flutter kicks 900 meter run

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Unconventional Sandbag Bear Workout

Watch Trent perform Sandbag Bear Hug Squats, Sandbag Bear Crawls and Sandbag Bent-over Rows with a 135-pound Digital Brute Force Strongman Sandbag. This workout blasts your core, legs, hips, glutes, back, abs and biceps.  Full body.  The bear crawls are no joke as you pull the weight of a small human forward between your legs […]

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