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Contest to Win SFH Products

  What makes you Stronger Faster Healthier? Enter our contest and tell us in 50 words or less and be entered to win our favorite and most trusted whey protein and fish oil from SFH. Enter here  

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Buying The Right Omega-3 Fish Oil

  For many years I have bought just your normal omega-3 fish oil at your local health food store while not paying any attention to the value of what I was getting out of it. The brand I would buy came in a soft gel and had a nasty aftertaste. I recently started doing more […]

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Top 5 Supplements For The New Year

  We all want to start the new year off right by going back to the gym or just starting over with a fresh new start that really only includes training and diet. We always forget to leave out the main building blocks that will help us stay healthy, help out with recovery, boost your […]

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