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Healthy Fats For Post Workout

Here are some healthy fats that you can add to a meal or shake after a workout. Avocados are a great anti-inflammatory fat and should be eaten an hour or so after your workout. Avocados have high essential fatty acids, contain 17 vitamins and minerals which makes it a great post workout fat to add […]

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Steel Cut Oatmeal vs. Rolled Oatmeal

Hey all.  I got a question the other day that I thought I’d share with you all.  Is steel cut oatmeal healthier than rolled oats or instant oatmeal?  The answer is: NO.  Check out the nutritional information below.  While steel cut oats taste a bit crunchier and nuttier and probably more all-natural, there is no […]

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Honey-Granola RAW PROTEIN Cookies

The perfect snack, energy, or even breakfast these cookies are loaded with everything that will give your body that extra boost. The same healthful ingredients that are found in those expensive bars that you find in stores you now can make on your own and have left overs. I make these and use them for […]

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