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The PIT Fitness App Demo Video

I know a lot of our friends could use some gettin’ fit at home and/or new ideas at the gym.  We created a workout app that allows you to. Check out the demo video HERE      

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Are You Training With Your Bodyweight?

Bodyweight Training I never thought I would ever be doing bodyweight training until I heard about Herschel Walker only doing bodyweight training when he played NFL football and now as a MMA fighting. This guy looks amazing for only doing bodyweight training let me tell you. His staple exercises are push ups, sit ups and […]

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The Great Outdoor’s Workout #2

This workout can be conquered anywhere, beach, gym, outdoors, indoors etc. All you need is yourself no weights just your own body weight. Make sure to do the warm up and also cool down with stretching and cool down jog. Drink plenty of water when doing this workout. Time of this workout should be no […]

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