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Hill Workout At The Beach

Bed head and all, we did a sick workout at the beach this morning. Kettlebells and hill sprints. Try it for yourself. We did the following using two kettlebells at a time: 20 bent-over rows 20 thrusters 20 kettlebell swings 3 hill sprints 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push […]

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Beach Workout

Today’s workout was a 6.5 mile run at the beach in the sand.  Hip flexors are feeling it.  A nice change of pace

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The Great Outdoors Workout #1

This workout can be done anywhere and all you need is yourself, no weights just you. Great for beach and vacation when you want a workout. Walking Lunge 50 feet Push Ups 10-20 reps Bodyweight Squats or Jump Squats 15-20 reps 100 meter sprint Elbow to Knee Side to Side Crunches 30 total Plank to […]

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