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Healthy Fats For Post Workout

Here are some healthy fats that you can add to a meal or shake after a workout. Avocados are a great anti-inflammatory fat and should be eaten an hour or so after your workout. Avocados have high essential fatty acids, contain 17 vitamins and minerals which makes it a great post workout fat to add […]

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Best Muscle and Bone-Building Ingredients

Fruits: all raw fruits including citrus fruits and berries Vegetables: – calcium: broccoli, cabbage, leafy greens and sea vegetables – magnesium: beans, and dark green vegetables – boron: almonds, raisins and prunes – manganese: beet greens, pineapple and leafy greens Herbs: alfalfa, dandelion leaf, parsley, oat straw, chamomile, stinging nettle Other: almonds, dried fruit, tofu, […]

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Paleo Cereal

Another quick, easy, delicious, hearty, fat-burning breakfast recipe.  No processed carbs in this cereal.  I try to not overeat at night, so I typically wake up starving. Ingredients (use as much organic as your budget allows): Almond milk Protein powder, one scoop (use whatever you prefer, but I like unflavored because it removes the fake […]

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