Paul Evans

Paul KickI am originally from Poughkeepsie, NY. I love using kickboxing, functional movement, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) plyometrics, agility, bodyweight, kettlebells and other various tools with my clients.

Being physically active and eating nutritiously became a lifestyle for me at a young age. I began studying the martial art of Tang Soo Do at the age of nine and became hooked. I transferred from student to teacher at the age of 17.

I teach people from 3 years to 80 years of age, including fighters who want to compete internationally. I also teach general fitness for people who have no experience but want to learn or take advantage of the many benefits of martial arts / kickboxing.

After 10 years of studying, competing, and teaching Tang Soo Do I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge in the arts and also challenge myself as a competitor. I chose to begin studying Muay Thai.

After 2 years of training Muay Thai, I wanted to learn and compete against the best practitioners in the world. I decided to move to Bangkok, Thailand. I lived there for six months and stayed at Kaewsamrit Gym. I received a Fighters certification, Instructors certification, walked away with one victory, and learned hands on nutritional diet values during my time at Kaewsamrit.

When I came back to the States I wanted to learn more about the science of personal training. I studied and practiced to become as certified personal trainer with the National Council on Strength & Fitness. My love for fitness and hunger to learn more led me to Pasadena, where I now attend the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy. I am in the middle of a 600-hour Fitness and Nutrition Specialist program and an American College of Sports Medicine certification.

I believe that every person has the potential to be a master of his or her body- I have accomplished this in my many years of training. My clients and I feel the many benefits of training such as reduced risk of injury and an overall better quality of life. I continue innovate new programs so that your mind and body do not become accustomed to the same old routine. My favorite thing about personal training is seeing the excitement on a client’s face as they transform into the best version of themselves. I understand that living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and is a 24-hour job. I am available for the other 23 hours of the day to support you in reaching your goals.