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The PIT Fitness workout app for iPhone & iPad is for you to get fit with us at home. Purchase the app here: iPhone & iPad 

Watch the PIT Fitness app demo video here to see how the app works: DEMO VIDEO


The PIT Fitness app is full-body interval training that blasts your metabolism and builds functional strength via the only iPhone app that puts you through a 30-day workout program that seamlessly allows you to change your workouts based on the tools available to you.

The PIT Fitness app was designed to be the most efficient fitness offering in the market: A 30-day workout program for all fitness levels where you choose your tool (bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags) to complete 15-25 minute full-body, high intensity, interval training workouts that can be done anywhere and are 100% video guided.

For all of you runners out there who haven’t gotten the memo: running isn’t good for you! It strips, rather than builds, your muscle and does not elevate your metabolism afterwards. Interval training elevates your metabolism and will get you leaner and tighter than any distance run ever will. Interval training is also much less time consuming and is easier on your body than running distance. Runners, listen to those achy feet, knees, hips and back.

PIT- Performance Interval Training- incorporates styles designed to shock the body to get you working like a pro athlete with explosive, full-body, fat-blasting movements that get men and women leaner, stronger and more athletic. No two workouts are ever the same.

315 full-body workouts
4 tools to use interchangeably
Workouts that can be done anywhere
Video demonstration of each workout
Written description of each exercise movement
Suggested time to complete
3 levels of difficulty to fit every user
Body part targeting

Whether you’re in a hotel with no equipment, at home before you venture off to work, in the gym and want to do a new workout with new equipment or are looking to add a few key tools to your home gym, PIT Fitness gives you a personal trainer and takes the thinking out of the game.

PIT Fitness is for beginners looking to change their lives, fitness enthusiasts needing a new challenge, athletes seeking an edge and fitness fanatics looking for a push to elevated heights. The workout system is intense, effective, efficient and will get you the fast results that you want while challenging your strength levels, endurance and stamina.

Created by Trent Bender in Venice, California, PIT Fitness incorporates explosive exercise movements used by elite athletes to generate power and strength. Explosive movements are essential for athletes who sprint, jump, punch and kick; requiring fast bursts of maximum effort. Training with speed will elevate your metabolism and burn more calories both during your workout and after you are done. A metabolism boost will put your body in a fat burning mode so you can burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout.

Exercises incorporated into the workouts, and broken down by beginner, intermediate and elite levels, include: pushups, kettlebell swings, burpees, sandbag thrusters, jumps, plank, mountain climbers, body weight squats, step-ups, lunges, around the worlds, shoots, high knees, knees-to-elbows, sandbag bent over rows, sandbag cleans and many more.

Don’t want to follow the workout program? No problem. Choose any of the 315 single workouts based upon any or all of the following parameters: time to complete, difficulty level, workout tool (bodyweight, kettlebells, etc.), and body part(s) you’d like to work.

PIT Fitness also provides you with access to PITfitness.net, Trent Bender’s fitness, nutrition and lifestyle blog that gives you an inside look into Trent’s gym, training, nutrition and lifestyle that he and his clients practice in Venice, California.

PIT Fitness gives you 315 workouts!! That’s a cost of less than one penny per workout. An amazing value.

Jump on board with PIT Fitness, blow through your goals, have fun and change your life.