Christa Shelton

Christa with Ball

Christa has been passionate about fitness since a very early age. Her journey began in dance as a young child, was a high school cheerleader and got involved in strength training in her college years. After many years of working out on her own and learning different techniques and having a passion for motivating others, she decided to obtain her personal training certification through NASM. She is also a plant based health coach, blogger and health/food writer for Media Shower.

Her career began as a trainer at a corporate gym, but she soon realized that having the freedom to connect with clients more closely on their fitness journey was more her speed. Christa always strives to challenge her clients to push their limits and motivate them to incorporate fitness into their daily routine. She likes to provide clients with a variety of exercises and new routines to keep them engaged and their bodies challenged in each session through endurance training, body weight exercises and balance and stability work to name a few . Her fitness philosophy is that exercise should be both challenging and fun!


Becca Elysai, Los Angeles~ Training with Christa has been an amazing journey. She has taught me so many wonderful things that I never thought would work with my body. Her positive energy and attitude make my workouts 100 times better. Working out with her three to four hours a week started to make a difference. My body started to transform, something that I didn’t think could EVER happen. I lost weight, toned up, and I built strength and endurance. It was an amazing experience training with her and I would definitely recommend her to everyone because she can help you reach your goal!

Cindy Hernandez, Los Angeles~ I loved training with Christa! She made me challenge myself and push myself and even when she’s not training me, I can hear her in the back of my head coaching me. She also knows about nutrition and how to work out to get the results you want. She does not waste your time or hers. Christa is punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and varies each training session. I always looked forward to my training because she consistently had a new and challenging set of work outs ready for me. I was always exhausted after our trainings and sore for DAYS. When I needed to reschedule, she did so with no problem, which I really appreciated when things came up. Christa is super awesome and friendly and has a great attitude. I highly recommend she work you out!