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The Good & Bad On Soy

  A question I get asked a lot is: “What protein should I take in? I’m only using soy due to the fact other protein sources are bad for me.” Well, soy is also bad for you if you are consuming large amounts. The answer I give people is: take several different protein sources to […]

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Buying The Right Omega-3 Fish Oil

  For many years I have bought just your normal omega-3 fish oil at your local health food store while not paying any attention to the value of what I was getting out of it. The brand I would buy came in a soft gel and had a nasty aftertaste. I recently started doing more […]

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A Deeper Look Into the Vegan Diet in the NFL

  I came across a really interesting article that takes a deeper look at the plant-based vegan diet in the NFL, a timely follow-up to Phil’s article earlier in the week.  See an excerpt and link to the full article below. In the past few years, teams have added salad bars, juicers, and plant-based superfoods like […]

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Why Are So Many Athletes Turning To A Plant-Based Diet?

  Phil Letten, a PIT Fitness athlete, guest blogs below. For many, a vegan diet used to conjure up images of skinny, frail, long-haired hippies who ate grass all day. In today’s day and age that kind of thinking has fallen to the wayside with countless athletes moving toward a vegan diet. Whether it be […]

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Cold Season add Vitamin C & Zinc

  Can you still train if you have a head cold?  The answer is yes, you can.  If the cold is below your neck, like in your lungs, then the answer is don’t train. The fact of the matter is this if you have a mild head cold you don’t want it to turn into […]

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Stronger Faster Healthier Workouts

  We’ve had a fantastic time working out with and getting to know Matt from Stronger Faster Healthier in the last few days.  We have seen our fitness improve in a few short weeks by taking Recovery right after our workouts and waking up with Fortified.  The omega-3 oils have cured the annoying flare-ups in […]

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Improve Your Kidney Health

  One of the most important organs in our body is our kidneys. They play an important rule in everyday body function and health. We need to keep our kidneys strong and healthy and running. Here are somethings to help better our kidney health: Keep your blood pressure on target. If you have diabetes, control […]

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Get your diet (lifestyle) right

  I had a friend ask me today for some diet tips to lose some elle-Bs with a special focus on foods to eat at a desk job.  I would emphasize that a healthy diet is truly a lifestyle and not a temporary endeavor.  Eating healthy involves prior planning, time and effort.  The extra effort […]

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Get Your Kitchen In Order

  I know that many of us think that we have our kitchen in order, but look at it closely and make sure.  Making sure that our kitchens have the best and right food is the first step towards gaining control of building a better body and getting in the best shape.  This may be tough […]

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Top 5 Supplements For The New Year

  We all want to start the new year off right by going back to the gym or just starting over with a fresh new start that really only includes training and diet. We always forget to leave out the main building blocks that will help us stay healthy, help out with recovery, boost your […]

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