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Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a fantastic tool for massaging sore and/or tight muscles.  Try rolling your lower back, hips, quads, calves and hamstrings on top of the foam roller while the foam roller sits on the ground.  The sensation and effectiveness are akin to a deep tissue massage.  You will relieve tension and sore muscles immediately. […]

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Rory McIlroy

Remember when Rory McIlroy was a little boy?  He built himself into a more confident man with his workouts.  See how he did it here.

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Sounds like a great culture at Google

Experienced managers who join Google from other companies can find it difficult to operate in a culture where power over subordinates is derived from one’s ideas and powers of persuasion, not job titles, says Ms. May. Decisions on promotions and raises are often made by consensus among peers and superiors. An employee isn’t necessarily going […]

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New Balance Hotness

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Q&A with Trent Bender- Part 1

  Profession: Fitness and health specialist Business Names: BenderBuilt Training & PIT Fitness Q: Where is home for you? A: Venice Beach Q: Why did you get into a career in fitness and health? A: I have been an athlete my whole life and wanted to help others achieve goals through fitness and health. I […]

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A Fact of Health / Life

A Fact of Health A body that is toxic is like a cut with dirt in it. It is contaminated and may not heal properly. It needs to be cleaned and given the nutrients it needs to disinfect, detoxify, rebuild and heal itself. Many of us have already recognized this fact of health and we […]

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Guidelines to Good Health

– Limit alcohol consumption, use of alcohol is clearly linked to a slightly increased risk of getting breast cancer. Post-menopausal women who take less that one drink per day can increase the risk of dying from breast cancer by up to 30%. – Exercise, moderate daily physical activity can lower cancer risk, boost the immune […]

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Kite Surfer Jumps a Pier

Lars and all you kite boarders (mostly fans, like myself), check out this insane video    

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Venice Cairn

Venice is pretty cool.

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