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Favorite Training Shoes

Being in the fitness industry for many many years I know how important it is to have a great pair of training shoes. A running shoe and a cross training shoe both offer different benefits. The cross training shoe that I wear right now is the New Balance All Terrain, this is my outside shoe […]

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30 Best Places to Work

How is your company culture?  It’s probably not as good as some of the cultures listed here, but it’s never too late to start.  Check out these great company cultures that you can join, emulate or improve upon.  HERE  

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Funny Olympic Diving Faces


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Video: John Daly hits golf ball teed up in guy’s mouth

This is absurd and scary. This guy has balls. Watch this guy throw caution to the wind here  

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Ok let’s first start off by saying we all have had a sunburn in our life time and man do they suck. Taking care of our skin is key and something a lot of us don’t think about doing. Being out in the sun all day or running biking hiking etc. we are exposed to […]

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Ice Baths

You know about ice baths if you’ve ever been a pro or college athlete or seen Hard Knocks.  But have you ever tried one?  I started using them a few months ago after Trent recommended them to me as a way to relieve sore joints.  The picture you see may look like a pre-party, but […]

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Pretty dope

New Balance RC5000, PIT Fitness

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Some Workout Music to Get Your Weekend Started

Rick Ross  

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Groin Pull

Oh snap.  You pulled your groin. A buddy of mine is battling a groin pull. As hard as it is, you need to rest your groin.  That’s the only way it will heal. I pulled both my hammies last year and was fortunate enough that my gym, 220 Fitness in Santa Monica, had Krankcycle.  Some […]

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Weapons of Choice, PIT Fitness

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