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Rowing and Growing

PIT Fitness athlete Elias Riskin, when not swinging kegs or lifting atlas stones at the PIT on his time off from school, is a member of the Trinity College rowing team. I had the pleasure of both learning from and getting schooled on the erg by Elias this summer. Using the erg is an unbelievable […]

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Hill Workout At The Beach

Bed head and all, we did a sick workout at the beach this morning. Kettlebells and hill sprints. Try it for yourself. We did the following using two kettlebells at a time: 20 bent-over rows 20 thrusters 20 kettlebell swings 3 hill sprints 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push presses hill sprint 15 push […]

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Rogue Fitness Dog Bone Training

We got a new tool at The Pit: the Rogue Fitness Dog Bone. With a 3″ center and even fatter 5″ round ends, the Dog Bone challenges and builds your grip strength.  We will be doing pullups, farmer carries, sled pulls and many other exercises with this innovative fitness tool from Rogue Fitness.  Ohio born […]

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Unconventional Training for the Basketball Athlete

Trent was quite the baller in his day. Here is an excerpt from a very cool article he wrote on training to excel on the basketball court (seventh grade? Dang) : “By the seventh grade I could grab the rim. I remember the first time was during lunch break and the whole basketball team was […]

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PIT Workout Of The Day

Start with 10 minutes of foam rolling and dynamic stretching Kettlebell swings – 15 Kettlebell Thrusters – 15 300 meter run Pull ups – 10 to 15 Push ups – 25 Box jumps 15 Repeat 4 rounds Finish with 10 minutes of foam rolling and stretching

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Hill Sprints

I didn’t think this hill looked too rough.  I bumped into my friend Jon on the way down from the first sprint and told him I planned to do ten.  I was wrong.  I could have walked away after two of these babies.  I forced myself to do 6, but it took me about an […]

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Saturday Throwdown Workout

This is a great workout for any level and will help build full body explosive power. Good luck and let us know how you feel after conquering it. 900 meter run 30 pull ups 40 burpees 50 kettlebell swings 60 kettlebell push press 100 flutter kicks 900 meter run

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Yoke Training

Here is some video to follow the pictures you saw yesterday.  A yoke allows all sorts of cool functional training that we’ll be documenting in the coming days and weeks.  Perform a carry with the yoke and blast your legs, core and back.  Check out this great piece of unconventional equipment.  Many more cool exercises […]

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Sample Superfood Diet Plan

Healthy Meal Plan

This is a sample of my daily diet, it is full of superfood and it can help you with some diet ideas. I go by how I feel for the most part sometimes I may miss a meal so when I do I use Raw Meal protein meal replacement. I go to the farmers markets […]

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Yoke Photos


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