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A Must Exercise – Farmer Carries!

  This is one exercise that I feel must be placed in everyone’s workout routine, the Farmer Carry. It is a key and must-do full body exercise. It engages the legs, shoulders, traps, forearm flexors, lower back and entire core. Also, in addition to these key body parts, it also recruits a host of stabilizing […]

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Today’s PIT Workout

4 rounds of: 10 man-makers with dumbbells 20 jump-jacks 50 reps of abs exercise of choice 100-yard sprint Go fast. Functional and full-body

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Sidelined By Inflammation?

Those of us that train at a high level may have come across inflammation in areas that cause us to stop training for a while. This sucks for the most part but you have to repair, recover and regenerate. Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection or self-healing. It fights off and removes harmful stimuli, […]

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How To Aid a Bruise

We all acquire bruises sooner or later if we’re active. If you are an athlete you probably get them all the time so here is a way to get rid of them faster and get you feeling better. When you first feel a bruise forming the first step is to add ice to it. Hold […]

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Interval Training Is More Effective (Scientifically Proven)

A new Men’s Health article, below, validates our style of training here at PIT Fitness. Interval training gets you more fit. For our new readers and our old, a reminder that PIT is an acronym for Performance Interval Training. You really can feel your body revved up for hours after performing interval training. Enjoy the […]

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The Importance of a Massage

When on a training schedule that has you training three to five days a week it is a must that you have at least one to two massages a month for healthier muscles. This is one way to keep the muscles supple and less prone to injury. Some key benefits that come with getting a […]

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Rope Pull Throughs

Patrick Scouler- sailor, husband, life-securer, New York Giants booster, green smoothie converter, rope puller. Patrick has truly taken his fitness and nutrition to another level in the past few months. It’s inspiring and fun to watch. Check out Patrick pulling 100 feet of rope through our new rig. I caught him midway through the set- […]

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Our Sunday Sanctity: Workouts!

Beautiful outdoor workouts provide Sunday meaning to our weeks. Trent, Nicole, Bonnie and Joe went up to Baldwin Hills and worked out with the Rogue Fitness prowler, climbed some stairs and inched our way over walls. Check out these ladies (and Trent) engaging in fun and innovative workouts. Join us on an upcoming Sunday and […]

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Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz increase the diameter of the handles of dumbbells and barbells. They are rubber ‘inserts’ that wrap around the handle of dumbbells and barbells. Why use them? Training with a thicker piece of equipment that’s harder to grip increases muscle fiber activation in hands, forearms, biceps and triceps. Your body is programmed to stay […]

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Rogue Fitness Sled Sunday Fun Day Workout

We took the Rogue Fitness sled to a baseball field in Culver City and drank in some refreshing fitness for our Sunday fun day workout. There are all sorts of cool exercises you can do with the sled and there is nothing better than working out in the great outdoors. Check out a few of […]

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