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MLK Day Bodyweight Workout Challenge

Today’s bodyweight workout at The Pit will test our conditioning levels. This workout can be done anywhere all you need is yourself. Everything is done by 10, meaning 10 reps of everything 10 rounds. So try this workout and tell us how you did. 10 bodyweight squats 10 push ups 20 mountain climbers 10 each […]

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Yoke Workout

It’s not a part of an egg, but rather a bad-ass, unconventional and functional piece of training equipment.  It’s a yoke.   Never heard of it?  You’re not alone.   Check out the multitude of lifts you can perform on this transforming piece of metal.  Yoke workouts are an incredible functional training tool.     […]

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  13 consecutive quarters of double-digit same-store sales growth! Wow. Do you think Lulu’s clothing is worth the price or too pricey? See more info on Lululemon here. Read the article HERE

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Exercise of The Week – Brute Force Sandbag Push Press

  This exercise will help you develop upper body strength and will build explosive power. I like using my Brute Force Sandbag for this exercise but if you don’t have access to a sandbag you can always use dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell to perform this exercise.   First, stand straight up holding your sandbag […]

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Today’s PIT Workout

  4 rounds of: Incline pushups 100-yard farmer carries with 45-pound barbell plates Bear crawls with Fat Gripz added to the handles 100-yard sprint with the body bag   We refueled after this workout with Stronger Faster Healthier Recovery while stretching and with a dinner consisting of 8 ounces of wild caught Atlantic salmon baked […]

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Stronger Faster Healthier Workouts

  We’ve had a fantastic time working out with and getting to know Matt from Stronger Faster Healthier in the last few days.  We have seen our fitness improve in a few short weeks by taking Recovery right after our workouts and waking up with Fortified.  The omega-3 oils have cured the annoying flare-ups in […]

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Exercise Of The Week – PLANK

      The plank exercise will develop stronger and more flexible abs. I feel core specific training should be a big part in everyone’s training. You can develop and increase overall dynamic flexibility by adding this exercise into your workout program.   First, start off by getting into a pushup position. Bend your elbows […]

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Tips For The New Year

  The new year is just around the corner and a lot of us may be asking ourselves what is the plan for 2013? Well here are some tips that may help you with achieving your goals and mapping out your next move for bettering your life.   First start out by giving yourself goals […]

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NFL Players Use MMA Training to Take It to An Even Higher Level

It’s pretty powerful to read about NFL players who talk about something that takes them and their training to the next level.  That something is mixed martial arts (MMA) training.  Right here in Los Angeles some of the NFL’s elite (Jared Allen, Dashon Goldson) are elevating their physical abilities even higher through MMA training. Check […]

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Don’t Let Getting Active be Intimidating

One of the biggest misconceptions is that exercise has to be hard, that exercise means marathon running or riding your bike for three hours or doing something really strenuous. That’s untrue and, I think, discourages a lot of people from exercising. If you walk, your body registers that as motion, and you get all sorts […]

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