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7 Reasons Why Bodybuilding Routines are Holding You Back

  Are you an athlete or a bodybuilder? We hope you’re an athlete or at least want to be. Check out this great article from our friends at Innovative Results that seeks to break you out of some bad building habits Read the article HERE

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Burpees = Fat Loss

Add burpees to your workout for a fat fighting move that gets your heart pumping. You can burn twice as many calories by adding burpees to your workouts instead of spending wasted time on a treadmill. Here are the steps to perform the perfect burpee.  Check out the video below to help make sense of […]

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Building The Perfect You

  Here are my three tips for building a perfect you. First, use circuit training as part of your overall plan, and vary your approach. Do this rather than the conventional, and sometimes boring, method of 3 sets of 10 reps per body part with rest between. Try doing rounds of 20 reps of 3 […]

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Living Room Workout with Water Jugs

Have any 2.5 or 5 gallon water jugs sitting around your house or apartment?  I do and one came in super handy the other late afternoon when I was too time crunched and lazy to get anywhere else but my living room for a workout. I picked up one of my full 5 gallon jugs […]

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Today’s PIT Workout: Sandbags

  Today’s workout: tools you need – sandbag and box or something that you can step up on. Sandbag bent-over rows 10-15 reps 10 box jumps Sandbag squat with over head press 10-15 reps 20 box step ups (10 each leg) Sandbag squat with up right row 10-15 reps 20 side step ups (10 each […]

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Atlas Stone Shouldering

Atlas stone shouldering builds stronger, more explosive and more powerful athletes.  It’s a favorite activity of ours.  Check it out.  

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Injuries require patience

  It’s not easy for me to be patient with anything.  Especially myself.  I’ve learned over the years that you need to be patient with others or you’ll drive yourself insane.  No one seems to move at the pace you do because the things that are high on your totem pole are not necessarily as […]

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Stay Away From Treadmills & Exercise Machines

  Two tips that I highly recommend that you try are staying off the treadmill and stopping training on machines. You are the machine! * Stay off the treadmill Long distance cardio should be avoided as much as possible because low intensity movements like a slow jog can actually cause your body to be in a […]

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Save Your ACL. Learn How To Land

  The ACL tear is a huge injury that we keep hearing about all the time with athletes. Most of these tears happen when players are pivoting or landing awkwardly after they come down from a jump. All of us know how to jump but we don’t necessarily know or forget how to land correctly. […]

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A Strong Butt Is Key To A Happy Life

  A strong butt is key to a happy life. I know you might be asking yourself what does this mean? It means train your hamstrings and glutes so your leg development is balanced. It’s so funny when you see people with these big quads and then they turn around and they have no hamstrings. […]

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