Healthy Food to Have On-Hand

Avocados- Good Fats

Avocados- Good Fats

Just getting started reshaping your diet or need a little jumpstart? Check out this list of healthy foods to stock your home with. Note that we recommend real, unprocessed food as often as possible.

Here is a list of foods you can’t go wrong with. You need to eat what you like- if you force it, it won’t work. So try to adapt this list to you. These are just some ideas

I eat only eggs or veggies after 7 PM. They really do tide you over and prevent you from overeating before bed.


Unsalted nuts (Macadamia, Almonds, Cashews are the best)

Pre-cooked chicken sausage (Love to grab one or two of these if in a time pinch)

Pre-cooked clean hot dogs (Applegate is a good brand)

Krave or Trader Joe’s beef jerky for the road

Any fruit

As much greens / salad as possible

Spaghetti squash

Zucchini noodles

Almond or other nut butter (great solo or on fruit)

Big batch of taco meat to have on hand


Paleo cereal (almond or coconut milk, nuts, fruit of choice cut up, cinnamon)

Hardboiled eggs on hand

Eggs prepared any way (the whole egg, if possible)

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato hash

Homemade soup

Put a roast in the crockpot


Sautéed Brussels sprouts with salt and pepper

Cold cuts- the less preservatives, the better



Any seafood

Baby carrots for snacking


Tuna or chicken salad (throw the kitchen sink in there by chopping up all sorts of other ingredients you like and it really adds great flavors- fruit, nuts, olives, etc)

Call us with any questions or if you want to discuss exercise as well!

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