why juice?

Green Juice

Green Juice


Drinking a fresh juice provides the body with nutrients on a superhighway.

This means that the juice provides an extremely fast delivery of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, and many other phytonutrients which increasingly are being shown to increase health benefits. Juicing allows all the nutrients work together to help enhance immunity, protect us from the common colds, cough, cardiovascular disease and different types of cancers. Juices are like a powerhouse that has antioxidants, vitamins A,C and E that fight oxidants in our bodies that contribute to cancer, heart disease and aging.

With all this being said, they also taste delicious, invigorate your mind and body and give you extra energy to go about your day. So if you are not juicing yet this should help change your mind to start living a healthier life.  We love Moon Juice in Venice, but there are many places popping up around most modern towns in the US.  Create your own juice at home if you can’t find a shop around town.

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