Smart Snacking To Stay Healthy

Organic Fuji Apple

Organic Fuji Apple


Hey all, check out these informative tips for your in-between meal needs from our friends at offers trusted medical information and great interactive visual tools to help you make better health decisions.

There is a lot of emphasis placed on eating and living a healthy lifestyle today. This is a very good thing, seeing as the world is full of all kinds of unhealthy and lazy options. Thankfully, there are also a lot of great ways to make sure to live as smart and as well as possible, even when you are surrounded by things like triple cheeseburgers, chocolate cake, and all kinds of candies. If you want to learn a little more about smart snacking, keep reading because this article is for you.

Choose Less Not Light

Sometimes food can be deceiving. Things like “light” ranch dressing or “light” yogurt may appear to be healthier at a short glance. However, if you learn the facts before buying, you might be surprised at what you will find. Though “low fat” or “light” labels do indeed mean that there is less fat in a certain item, it also means there are about two times as many carbohydrates as the regular version of this product. Now, this can be a good thing for some people; however, for most, it is not. There are two types of bodies in the world: those which thrive off proteins and need minimal carbs to do well and then those that function best with more carbs than anything else.

The carb people should eat more “light” options, as they have more carbs, and thus do not affect their bodies negatively. However, the people who thrive on proteins should only eat around 5 grams of carbs every five hours (which seems very minimal, but this is the proven healthiest amount). If the body takes in any more than those 5 grams, it will store all the extra carbs as fat immediately, making the person gain weight, even though he or she is eating “low fat” items. Thus, to snack smart, know which type of body type you are, and then eat less instead of light. Smaller portions will go a lot further than simply eating what you think is a lighter amount of fat.

Choose Organic

Another great tip for smart snacking is to try to stick to organic options as much as possible. Though many people worry about the prices of organic foods, there are a lot of stores that sell very reasonably priced all-natural options. The foods that are processed and put through all kinds of unnatural processes can contain high levels of harmful chemicals and other ingredients that are not good for the body. If you want to make sure your body is running at its full potential, it is important to put only the necessary ingredients into it.

Things like organic apple slices with some lemon juice on top of them or a nice cut of carrot make a great snack on the go or at home. People almost always get hungry between meals, but it is important that you do not overdo it on the snacks. Choose something healthy and organic if you can, that way your body stays fully charged all throughout the day, without any unexpected blood sugar crashes in the middle of something important

It is absolutely essential that you choose to eat well if you want to live a healthy life. In order to do so, be careful to do your research before trusting brands that appear healthy, and try eating more organic and natural foods rather than processed things. Even just making these two small changes in your life can really impact how you feel on a day-to-day basis. If you are serious about living a smarter and longer life, start by making the best snack choices possible.

Valerie Johnston is a health and fitness writer located in East Texas. With ambitions of one day running a marathon, writing for ensures she keeps up-to-date on all of the latest health and fitness news.

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