Burpees = Fat Loss

Add burpees to your workout for a fat fighting move that gets your heart pumping. You can burn twice as many calories by adding burpees to your workouts instead of spending wasted time on a treadmill.

Here are the steps to perform the perfect burpee.  Check out the video below to help make sense of these instructions

1. Begin standing normally. Bring your body weight onto your hands and then kick your feet back. You will end up in a pushup position.

2. Lower your body with your back straight, completing one push up. Bring your feet back forward with your hands still in the same position.

3. Jump up and land on your feet, standing straight up.

This is how you perform a burpee. The key to max fat loss is to not rest between reps. Aim for 10 to 20 reps per round. You can add them to your current workout routine.

Example: 15 burpees, 5 pull ups, 15 sandbag or kettlebell front squats – 5 rounds total

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