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Pure Whey- Vanilla

Pure Whey- Vanilla


I’ve been a supplement addict for more than 15 years and have taken pretty much every protein powder on the market. Most of them taste like crap and some of them taste amazing. It’s the ones that taste amazing that are filled with so much artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that they will do nothing for you. So many companies fill their protein powders with so much stuff to say it will offer more, but in all reality, it will not.

A whey protein should be just pure whey protein with nothing added to it at all. At one time I got so hooked on all the different flavored protein that I was just going on taste alone and not really looking at all the crap that companies added to it to give it that taste. A true protein powder like SFH Pure Whey will give you only the main building blocks to build strong lean muscle.

When I found SFH whey protein powder it gave me everything I was looking for in a whey protein. It is carb free, gives me 25 gram of protein, 2 grams of fat and is only 130 calories per scoop. This stuff is the real deal in whey protein! I have seen a huge difference in my overall strength and performance since taking SFH Pure Whey. It is free of all antibiotics, hormones, soy lecithin, carbs and gluten, which most supplement companies add into their whey protein.

SFH Pure Whey comes in three flavors: Natural, Chocolate, Vanilla. Pick yours up today!

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