Stay Away From Treadmills & Exercise Machines




Two tips that I highly recommend that you try are staying off the treadmill and stopping training on machines. You are the machine!

* Stay off the treadmill
Long distance cardio should be avoided as much as possible because low intensity movements like a slow jog can actually cause¬†your body to be in a catabolic state which means you burn up muscles instead of fat. It also can do damage to your joints with the impact you put on them from the pounding on the surface. Do sprints instead! Sprints not only develop your cardio vascular system, but are one the best exercises to develop massive legs. The best part of a sprint workout is that it should take less than 15 minutes. Do 8 rounds of 50 yard sprints or hill sprints and you’ll get in the best condition of your life. Look at sprinters- they have strong, defined, explosive legs.

* Avoid training with machines
Machines are great for isolation movements. Have a workout session where you don’t use machines. The problem with machines is you don’t have to use your core to stabilize your body. When you train with free weights, you involve your core to help you stabilize your spine so you don’t collapse and fall over. Bracing your core during free weight movements is one of the best ways to develop your abs and getting that six pack that a lot of elite conditioning athletes have. Free weight training gives you a greater range of motion and you’re not locked into a fixed position. Using kettlebells, sandbags and other tools without being in a fixed position causes the body to recruit more muscle groups into the movement. With doing this the workouts will be shorter and more effective because you are involving more muscles into one movement.

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