The Good & Bad On Soy




A question I get asked a lot is: “What protein should I take in? I’m only using soy due to the fact other protein sources are bad for me.”

Well, soy is also bad for you if you are consuming large amounts. The answer I give people is: take several different protein sources to keep the body guessing.

Here are some good health benefits from soy. It is an excellent source of vegetable protein that’s been shown to substantially cut levels of bad LDL cholesterol, protect against prostate cancer, reduce heart disease risk and help fend off symptoms of menopause. It can also boost bone density and reduce bone fractures.

Now here is some of the bad on soy. A high intake of soy can promote breast cancer, especially in women already at risk. Soy has also been linked to hypothyroidism and impeded mineral absorption.

Those are the good aspects of soy.  If anything, limit your amount to one or two servings per day. Also, women with a history of breast cancer should avoid soy or only use it every so often.

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