Save Your ACL. Learn How To Land

ACL Tears

ACL Tears


The ACL tear is a huge injury that we keep hearing about all the time with athletes. Most of these tears happen when players are pivoting or landing awkwardly after they come down from a jump. All of us know how to jump but we don’t necessarily know or forget how to land correctly.

Hitting the ground with your knees bent instead of nearly straight can reduce the risk of a tear or sprain. Another way to prevent an ACL tear is to eliminate the heel strike. When landing from a jump make sure that you land on your toes first and not your heels. If you land either flat-footed or on your heels you’ll putting a lot of stress on your Achilles tendons which can cause your knees to hyperextend.

So with this being said, work on your landing when doing jumping or plyometric training to prevent any major injuries.

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