A Strong Butt Is Key To A Happy Life




A strong butt is key to a happy life. I know you might be asking yourself what does this mean? It means train your hamstrings and glutes so your leg development is balanced. It’s so funny when you see people with these big quads and then they turn around and they have no hamstrings. It’s because a lot of people only train what they see in the mirror, admiring what they are looking at. They completely forget about the back side. The hamstrings are very important muscle when it comes right down to it. Most activities like sprinting and other explosive movements involve having strong hamstrings. Weak hamstrings can easily be pulled when doing explosive movement exercises, so do yourself a favor and don’t forget to train them. You need to work your glutes, hip flexors, quads, and core as well as your hamstrings if you want to prevent a hamstring pull. All of these muscles work together so don’t leave any of them out when training; it is key to being strong, flexible and balanced.


Some good hamstring builders to add to your workouts are hill sprints, stairs, sprints, suicides and sprints with directional change. Some other key exercises that focus on the hamstrings are step ups, back extensions, leg curls, hip raises and lunges just to name a few.  Make sure you are adding a couple of these exercises into your leg training.


Avoid a quad / hamstring imbalance at all cost! Doing all of this can lead to strong legs and a stronger butt.

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