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Stronger Faster Healthier


We’ve had a fantastic time working out with and getting to know Matt from Stronger Faster Healthier in the last few days.  We have seen our fitness improve in a few short weeks by taking Recovery right after our workouts and waking up with Fortified.  The omega-3 oils have cured the annoying flare-ups in the joints of my hips, knees and elbows.


These supplements taste great, are completely all-natural with nothing artificial in them and they mix well and easily in water.


We are proud to partner with SFH to sell the products in our gym and on our website.  See the store section of our website for full details on each product.


Here is the workout we did on Monday with Matt.  Few things fire up your body like pushing a 90-pound tree stump along a trough in an alley for 100-yards.  SFH Recovery is the perfect post-workout refresher.


We did 4 rounds of:


Core Pushups (

Ring rows

100-yard tree stump pushes

Slamball slams


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