A Must Exercise – Farmer Carries!

Farmer Carries

Farmer Carries


This is one exercise that I feel must be placed in everyone’s workout routine, the Farmer Carry. It is a key and must-do full body exercise. It engages the legs, shoulders, traps, forearm flexors, lower back and entire core. Also, in addition to these key body parts, it also recruits a host of stabilizing muscles that need to fire when doing this exercise. I try to add this to my workouts at least twice a week, it is a great way to push the muscles to their fullest. I like to use several different tools for farmer walks such as water jugs, kettlebells or dumbbells. ¬†With dumbbells I will add FAT GRIPZ to them to create a thicker grip that will really push you to your breaking point. This also becomes a mental toughness exercise along the way. You don’t want to put the weight down before the finish line. Some of the major things I have noticed since adding farmer carries into my routine are: stronger hands & grip, my posture is better, bigger forearms, traps are bigger and core is tighter. So with this being said go out and start carrying weight and start seeing changes.

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