The Importance of a Massage


When on a training schedule that has you training three to five days a week it is a must that you have at least one to two massages a month for healthier muscles. This is one way to keep the muscles supple and less prone to injury. Some key benefits that come with getting a massage that we might not thank about is that it helps increase joint flexibility and improve range of motion, reduce muscle cramping as well as post surgery abhesions and swelling. It helps improve the condition of the body’s largest organ which is the skin. Some other benefits that our body can realize from getting a massage is that they can enhance immunity by stimulating the lymph flow which is the body’s natural defense system. Massage can promote tissue regeneration and pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs which improves blood circulation. If you are having signs of depression and anxiety a massage can help lessen this. So if you haven’t treated yourself to some spa time I think this would be a great gift to give yourself. Your body will love you!

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