Gain More Power With Hill Sprints

HIll Sprints

Look for hill sprints to increase your heart rate and raise your metabolism when you add them to your training routine. Trust me they are hard but very effective. I go to several different hills close by once a week and do as many as I can. When doing them I like to bring a kettlebell or sandbag with me to conduct some weight training with the hill sprints. I have noticed that I have gained more power and speed in my running with adding hill sprints. I also feel that it helps with my stride and helps develop hip and leg extension. For example if you are looking to add hill sprints to your workout pick hills with a 6 to 8 incline grade and that will take you 7 to 10 seconds to complete from bottom to top. Those are good hills to sprint if you are a beginner. Conduct 6 to 10 rounds of sprints with a jog or walk back down to the starting point. It is optional if you want to bring training tools with you ( kettlebells, sandbags etc. ). Short hill sprints are great to add in after a light 2 to 4 mile run.

Example Hill Sprint Workout
Kettlebell Swings 20 reps
1 Hill Sprints
Kettlebell Squat Overhead Press 20 reps
1 Hill Sprints
Bodyweight Push Ups 20 reps
1 Hill Sprints
3 to 5 rounds

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