Today’s PIT Workout: 1 mile sprints

Today’s PIT Workout gassed me like I haven’t felt in a while. It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

3 1-mile sprints.

I got on Google Maps, mapped out a 1-mile route and used my iPhone to time myself. Running as hard as you can for one mile requires an extreme full-body exertion. It’s extremely uncomfortable If you’re going as hard as you can. This exercise can be done in 30-40 minutes and really revs up your metabolism. You also avoid the brutal pounding your joints take on longer-distance runs. Try to recover for no more than 10 minutes between each sprint. We do a lot of sprinting at the Pit, but sprinting for a mile is a whole different ball game. Try it out for some variety or when you’re out of town and don’t have access to your usual gear and you’ll get in better shape.

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