Every Athlete Should Be Able to Juggle

Juggling Kettlebells, PIT Fitness

Yes I know this may sound strange and goofy but just think about it for a minute and you will agree with me. When you juggle you apply so many different muscles as well as using your hand eye coordination which is a must-have for all athletes and non athletes. For athletes this can help out with how you move from one side of the field or court to the other, how you look at making quick passes and help with reaction time. You will be able to respond to things faster and with a smoother approach. You won’t be rushing or have jerky movements this causing injury or errors in your sport. For non athletes juggling helps us with how we look and respond to things faster like when driving a car we are able to responded much faster and react to situations without causing an accident. This is just one of many examples that we could benefit from if we add juggling to our workout. I use reaction balls to my training and to my athletes training once every couple of weeks and we have seen great changes in how much sharper we are. This is just a tip and give it a try and see what it can do.

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