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Favorite Training Shoes

New Balance Minimus

Being in the fitness industry for many many years I know how important it is to have a great pair of training shoes. A running shoe and a cross training shoe both offer different benefits. The cross training shoe that I wear right now is the New Balance All Terrain, this is my outside shoe that I use for hiking, bike rides, climbing stairs etc and are very comfortable. My running shoe that I wear right now is the New Balance Minimus and it plays the role of weight training, running, coaching, etc also very comfortable. I also wear them when just doing everyday activities, having a comfortable pair of shoes means everything. Within the past four years I have worn several different kinds of training shoes and here are the ones I rated. My first pair is the five finger Vibram which I will say I don’t really enjoy wearing anymore for many reasons. For running on hard surface these shoes suck! I only wear them if I’m running in the sand that is pretty much all. I didn’t mind wearing them when I was weight training but they just got old and I hated looking down and seeing my feet if that makes any sense. Let’s just face it they don’t look very good, I gave them a C+. After that whole Vibram trend I then went with the Reebok Zig Zag which wasn’t bad but they just didn’t last very long. They fell apart after a couple of months and they also sucked to run in. The shoes are very heavy for the type of training I was doing and they just didn’t make it through my workouts. I give these shoes a D for Dead weight and Don’t buy. Then I decided to go with the Nike Free which became my favorite pair of shoes for everything. I could workout in them and also they looked good wearing out of the gym. Light weight and very comfortable but they have a price tag on them that isn’t worth it unless on sale or you get last year’s version. I wouldn’t pay the price for them again unless on sale. I give these shoes a B+ if the price was cheaper they would have gotten a A. The shoe that I’m wearing now and will be wearing for a long time is the New Balance Minimus these shoes rock! They feel great on my feet, very light weight and can make it through crazy workouts with no wear and tear. It feels like I’m working out barefoot but still in a shoe. They also look good which is a huge plus. They are a little pricy like the Nike Free but well worth the money and they are American Made. I give the Minimus a A and I will be staying with the New Balance line and I look forward to seeing the next version that they come out with. What is your favorite training shoe and why?

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