Smart Chicken

Smart Chicken

I will say that I try to eat about 5 to 8 chicken breast a week. I get my chicken at the local grocery store Ralph’s yep I said it Ralph’s. I don’t go to Whole Foods or any other special grocery store and over pay for chicken. I would rather spend five dollars for organic chicken breast called Smart Chicken. Ralph’s carry Smart Chicken which is in my mind the best chicken you can buy. It is organic, free range chicken that has everything that I’m looking for from ground chicken, breast and thighs. Also it is the best tasting chicken on the market and at a great price. Here is more detail on Smart Chicken and do yourself a favor and go get some!
– 100% Air Chilled
– Certified Organic, chickens are fed a strict diet of non-GMO corn and soybean meal with no antibiotics, no growth stimulants, and no animal by products.
– Free Range, chickens are given plenty of free-range access to a natural outdoor environment.
– Certified Humane, Smart Chicken is the only U.S. chicken company to use controlled atmosphere stunning which ensures humane treatment for Smart Chicken in a stress free environment. Smart Chicken follows HFAC standards for farm animal treatment and welfare.

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