Are You Training With Your Bodyweight?

Bodyweight Training
I never thought I would ever be doing bodyweight training until I heard about Herschel Walker only doing bodyweight training when he played NFL football and now as a MMA fighting. This guy looks amazing for only doing bodyweight training let me tell you. His staple exercises are push ups, sit ups and pull ups doing thousands of them every week. I add a bodyweight training day into my program once to twice a week and I feel the best exercises is often resistance against your own body, aside from the obvious distance running and sprints. I found out that one of the fastest ways to get results is by doing bodyweight training. It is the cornerstone for strength and metabolic training in my mind. I noticed that when adding more resistance over time it develops a increase in strength. Bodyweight training uses all the muscles in the body which causes you to burn more calories than when just isolating one body part, a great reason to start doing full body workouts. Another big thing I noticed when adding bodyweight training is a increase in flexibility which is a key ingredient in training. The best part of bodyweight training is that you can do it anywhere and anytime you want so this makes the training fun and new every time.

Main Bodyweight Exercises Forms of Bodyweight Training
Push Ups TRX / Suspension Trainer
Chin Ups Elite Gym Rings
Sit Ups Climbing Ropes

With adding these new habits into my training program I’m unleashing my inner athlete. I feel explosive and have the conditioning that I thought I could never have when I has just doing bodybuilding. These new habits are in my current training regimen and are here to stay. With getting rid of the old habits I will say I’m on my way to building that complete package. If you are not doing any of these new habits give them a try and see how you feel afterwards.

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