About Us


PIT Fitness is a mobile personal training operation covering all of Los Angeles and Summit County, CO. We send personal trainers to you!

We are here to give you more energy, help you sleep better, make you stronger and boost your confidence and appearance.

We train people in their homes, in parks, at their workplaces and even on the beach. We will train you wherever and whenever is convenient to you.

We know you’re busy. What’s better than us ringing your doorbell, putting you through the paces for an hour and then you go back to your responsibilities? We even have a workout app to guide you through workouts when you can’t see us.

No more driving, traffic, parking, or other annoying expenses to get fit. We make your life easier by coming to you,  saving you a ton of time and expense.

We will work on a nutrition and lifestyle plan with you- free of charge.

All we need is a little space in your living room, basement, kitchen, deck or yard. We have a whole gym’s worth of equipment that we bring to you.

We like to challenge clients with a huge variety of workout styles.  Don’t be intimidated. We often work with beginners and will never make you feel uncomfortable. We meet you where you are. We teach every exercise with safe and proper form- no exceptions.

We will tailor a program specific to you and your goals. Some common goals include: weight loss, firming and toning, post-natal programs, functional strength training, interval training, strength & conditioning, body sculpting, sport-specific strength & conditioning, core and stability work for seniors, etc.

We have an acute focus on preventing and resolving injury. Physical therapy is a big part of our practice. Tight hips or pain in your low back, knees and/or shoulders? Shins splints? We can solve it.

We are happy to offer a free, no-obligation consultation to get you started.

Call us at 213.536.4071 in Los Angeles or 970.368.2340 in Summit County or email Joe at joe@pitfitness.net to speak with him, inquire about pricing and jump on board!